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Douyin is a short video platform marketed as ByteDance by China's online entertainment giant. It is particularly distinctive among other social media because it features a focus on short video content. The combination of rhythmic songs and stylish filters frequently makes seemingly ordinary content like pet videos, individuals eating food or shopping videos unique and viral. Both brands have been created by Bytedance a Chinese tech giant. Many compare the app to WeChat and suggest they are the big rivals to each other. However the two apps have considerably different features. It also provides users with a list of background songs and filters for customization of videos.

Save the video is an online video downloader

There are many reasons users want to save Douyin videos. For instance, some bloggers like to download the video before uploading them again on Youtube. Censorship in China is another reason for downloading Douyin videos online with

The app provides several smart features that make it easy and fast to handle your daily job of saving videos offline without worrying about advertisements ruining your image quality or privacy issues with sites like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. FDown is one of its kind that offers various ways to convert popular short form content into downloadable MP3 music files , web-ready photos and GIF animations . Users can directly upload video files from various sources including URL links once they finish all settings that are required. There is no need to visit other sites again and again.

How can I save Douyin videos?

Follow these simple steps: Open the tab on your browser, copy the URL of one or more short videos you want to save offline, scroll down to the "URL" box and paste the links in a single line. Click on the blue button next to it with a plus sign or press here  to add all of them at once. Select a video format, a folder to save your videos and upload folders in case you want multiple formats, then click on "Download", wait till it finishes the process. You can click on "Clear" to remove all entries or keep some for later use. That's it!