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Popular video sites frequently make it difficult to download videos you see on Facebook. Most of the tools to be used for Vimeo and others also work with Facebook URLs. Use this tool for video download. There's actually a quicker way to save your Facebook pictures to your computer with a simpler URL. It requires a few steps to install your favorites Facebook videos to your desktop but it isn't always easy to do so for the sake of the ad-block ads you get on social media.

How do I download videos from Facebook?

In order to download a video from facebook you would need only two things: A Facebook account and a browser.

To download a video from Facebook, you'll need to find the video itself on your timeline or news feed, copy the URL of the video, and then paste it into a browser. You can then use a download manager to save the video, or access it using an online hosting service.

Facebook Video Mobile/Desktop downloader

We provide a platform for our users to be able to download their favorite videos from Facebook and save them as MP4 video formats on their devices. We're one of the first online tools that provides this service. It's a new idea and we try to improve it even more. Now, there is no need to install all those heavy programs or use external tools for your Facebook downloads any more!

Why download a video from Facebook using FDown.in?

The best thing about this service is that you don't have to download different video converters just for downloading videos from social media. You can use our website as a universal solution for downloading videos from social networks, such as Facebook! It means that apart from saving the videos on your device, you can also carry out some editing tasks with them. In other words – edit and save your favorite clips right away – with no need of any additional apps!

How many times did I face the problem of not being able to save a video from Facebook because it wasn't allowed by the website?

With such a big amount of videos uploaded on Facebook every day, you can get lost and go directly to FDown.in and save all the videos you want!

Does this service protect my privacy while downloading Facebook videos?

We know that your data is very important for you and we're doing our best in order to keep it safe. We respect people's private lives and we understand how much it can be annoying if someone would track what kind of content they download on the web. So, no one will ever know that you used our service or saved some videos using our add-on (not even us!).

What do you think about the new Facebook Video Mobile downloads?

We know how many video formats are there on the internet and if some of them are missing it's not even a problem. With our cutting-edge technology you'll be able to download almost every popular video format, including MP4! Therefore, if you're about to find Facebook videos downloader that works with various video formats - this is your personal assistant! It will serve as an addition for your favorite browser or online media service/platform! All in all – try out our cool service today!

And finally, here are some general tips which can help you save more videos. Just follow these simple guidelines and use the main features of any video downloading tool/app.

- Always check the number of downloads for a certain video, so you have an idea about its popularity

- Select HD or other high quality formats in order to store more videos on your device and still get a good picture quality.

- If the add-on/extension doesn't work with your favorite browser - try using any other browser, there are several options available on the market today! Have a nice download :)

We hope that you found this short article useful and easy to understand. It was our pleasure writing it because we care about our users' experience when searching for a solution to their problems. After all, we want everyone to be happy with what they download from Facebook because it would make us happy too! We believe that you'll find the tool that suits your needs, so you can download videos from Facebook faster and more efficient. Enjoy!

If you are looking for an easier way to download videos from facebook then I would highly recommend giving this program a try at https://fdown.in/ . Give it a try now! It's FREE to download facebook videos.

Download Facebook video online directly via FDown.in website.

1. Click the video you want to download

2. Click "Share" and then click "Link"

3. This will generate a copy link for the video.

4. Copy the code and paste it in FDown.in search box

5. Then click Download button

6. Wait for a moment and your video ready for download in various formats. 

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